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Education Curriculum Studies at Westminster

Education Curriculum Studies at Westminster College

Education Curriculum Studies encompasses a thorough foundational knowledge base of educational theory and appropriate curriculum for the specified area of concentration. This major also would require a concentration of a particular content area such as Math, Science, Social Sciences or English.

Career Opportunities

The student will be prepared to work in various school settings in a support capacity, but not as a certified teacher. A student who completes this major will be prepared for a number of additional careers, involving youth programing in social services, recreational services or educational sales. There is a practicum component where students in this major will do field work in a school setting, but not student teach. Students will prepare in writing and speech intensive coursework necessary to success in any field.

With this degree, students can still obtain employment in school settings as support personnel and seek certification on their own. They can also enroll in a graduate program that would also allow them to certify if they wished to pursue teaching or teach in private settings. Many education majors also elect to go into various Social Service careers where the actual teaching certification is not required.

Contact Information

Name: Dr. Barri Bumgarner
Position: Education Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Education
Office: Westminster Hall 229
Email: Barri.Bumgarner@westminster-mo.edu
Phone: 573-592-5219

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