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Economics at Westminster College

For requirements, please visit the course catalog.

Why Study Economics at Westminster?

  • Business Week says economics and finance are top undergraduate majors for MBA graduates who will earn $100,000 or more in their first year of work
  • With small class sizes, an open door policy by professors, and a comprehensive tutoring program that makes someone available at all times to explain difficult concepts, Westminster offers a supportivACBSP Accreditede environment where you can discuss applications thoroughly with professors and peers to reach your full potential

Plus, Westminster's business program accreditation through ACBSP ensures you receive a top-quality education, recognized nationally by employers.

Economics majors have the option of two tracks: Economics or Economics with Honors.

Career Opportunities

  • Positions available in fields of law, labor relations, politics, and public policy
  • Employment opportunities in international, federal, state, and local government agencies
  • Ideal major for those seeking a master's degree or PhD in economics
  • Job recruiters, graduate schools, and law schools look highly on economics majors because it demands clear and rigorous thinking and a logical ordered approach to solving problems

Contact Information

Name: Rabindra Bhandari
Position: Associate Professor of Economics
Office: Room 208, Westminster Hall
Email: rabindra.bhandari@westminster-mo.edu
Phone: 573-592-5204

Meet the Faculty

Rabindra Bhandari, Tenured Associate Professor Economics
Selcen Phelps, Associate Professor Management and MIS, W.G. Buckner Endowed Chair in Business
Sonia Manzoor, Associate Professor of Economics
William John Carner, Associate Professor Business
Robert Eames, Assistant Professor
Elise Bartley, Assistant Professor Accounting

Economics News

Check out what Westminster economics students and alums are doing and get economics department updates.
Economics News

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