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Physics Major at Westminster College

For Physics major and minor requirements, please visit the course catalog.

Why study Physics at Westminster College?

About 80% of our physics graduates go to graduate, professional, or engineering schools.

Westminster physics graduates have entered graduate programs at Harvard University Purdue University, Washington University, Tufts University, William and Mary University, The University of Arizona University of Missouri--Columbia, Missouri University of Science and Technology, University of Oklahoma and more.

  • Learn the rigors of Mathematics and Physics in a friendly environment while collaborating with other math/physics students. Professors are not intimidating and do not scoff at "easy" questions. Students are encouraged by professors and are not weeded out. Class sizes range from 6 - 24; not 180 + as in beginning similar courses at larger universities. The professors will know you!
  • Lots of equipment and access to labs (in the advanced lab) so that students can experiment independently and at their own pace in learning hands-on physics.
  • Access to math computer lab with specialized software.
  • Opportunities to do research and go to conferences in order to present results. In recent years, physics students have presented a poster at the American Physical Society's April Meeting. In 2011 students traveled to Anaheim, California and in 2012 they traveled to Atlanta, Georgia. They were able to attend talks and make connections with the best and brightest physicists around the country. In addition our students , in competition with students from Ivy Leagues schools, won the Best Undergraduate Poster Award at the 2011 Meeting!
  • Learn Mathematics and physics in the context of a broad liberal education. Solid math and physics training together with an excellent liberal education produce graduates who are well-rounded and are able to make excellent presentation, and communicate math/physics concepts to other with clarity. Physics students understand their field of study in the context of human history and development.

Dual Degree Engineering Program

In addition, physics majors have the opportunity to participate in Westminster's Dual Degree Engineering Program through which they would earn a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Westminster and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Washington University or Missouri University of Science and Technology. In this program, students attend Westminster for 3 years and the engineering institution for approximately 2 years, thus earning two degrees in as few as five years!

More on Dual Degree Engineering at Westminster

Student Quote

"Westminster being a small liberal arts college had many advantages for a Physics major like me. First, we had the privilege of a small group of students in any lecture class of about 8-10 students or less. This also meant we could enjoy much time and space for different research projects that could be performed in one of the many Physics labs. With Professors like Kent Palmer and Laura Stumpe, I was able to penetrate knowledge in many areas of Physics. This overall helped me gain internships at top research departments in Astronomy across different universities in USA." Bhuwan Ghimire, '12, IPR-AP Fellow for DIISR

Contact Information

Name: Mary Majerus
Position: Professor of Mathematics & Physics
Office: Room 309, Coulter Science Center
Phone: 573-592-5298
Email: Mary.Majerus@westminster-mo.edu.

Meet the Faculty

Mary Majerus, Professor of Mathematics & Physics
Laura Stumpe, Associate Professor of Mathematics & Physics
Wayne Johnson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Physics
Peng Peng Yu, Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Physics


Physics News

Check out what Westminster physics students and alums are doing and get department updates.
Physics News

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