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Psychology at Westminster College

For requirements, please visit the course catalog.

Why get a Psychology Minor?

Psychology is defined as the science of mental processes and behavior. The Department of Psychology offers both a major and a minor in psychology. The courses that comprise the psychology major are designed to acquaint the student with the systematic and quantitative demands of scientific thought, as well as to ensure that students will be able to comprehend human behavior from cognitive, environmental, and biological perspectives.

The Department intends that a major will, upon completion of his or her program:

  • Develop a conceptual framework that includes important psychological facts, principles and theories, quantitative reasoning skills to level enabling organization and analysis of data from survey, field or laboratory research, oral presentation skills incorporating APA style elements for presentation of psychological findings, writing skills incorporating APA style elements for the presentation of psychological findings, cooperative learning skills by working productively in groups providing leadership for task completion.
  • Understand biological factors as they mediate human thought, emotion and behavior.
  • Be able to use critical thinking to analyze human behavior recognizing behavior as the product of antecedents and consequents, connect knowledge from several sub fields in psychology to address a large question, and appreciate the uniqueness of individuals based on learning historical, biological, and cultural differences.
  • Master the use of computer technology in the execution and/or presentation of research findings, information gathering and synthesizing skills related to a psychological topic.

More Information on the Psychology Program at Westminster

Contact Info

Contact: Dr. Ted Jaeger, Chair
Phone: (573) 592-6120 Fax: (573) 592-5206
Email: Ted.Jaeger@westminster-mo.edu

Psychology News

Check out what Westminster psychology students and alums are doing and get psychology department updates.

Psychology News

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