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ADA Academic Accommodations

Westminster College students wishing to receive academic accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act must meet the following requirements each semester.

  1. Present current documentation to the Director of the Tomnitz Family Learning Opportunity Center before any accommodations can be discussed. This documentation must include a diagnosis, an explanation, and recommended accommodations. Individualized Education Plans are acceptable documentation to verify existing use of accomodations. Documentation must come from a professional source with verifiable credentials.
  2. Complete the appropriate accommodation request form and set up a meeting with the Director to discuss the requested accommodations. Students may only need to complete the abbreviated form (Section Appendix F), or students may need to complete a longer form (Appendix E). The specific form will depend on the nature of the accommodations requested. Students should start with the Abbreviated Form.
    1. If the request form includes alternate testing, then the student must also complete the LOC Testing Agreement Form (Appendix G).
    2. If the request form includes note takers, then the student must also complete the Note Taker Accommodation Form (Appendix H).
  3. Students should also discuss approved accommodations with their instructors and notify instructors of their needs.

Westminster College's complete ADA policy and statements can be found at the following web location:


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