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Educated to Lead. Inspired to Achieve.

Leadership Development

Developing Leaders in a Global Community

Leadership development is considered the classic role of the liberal arts college in American higher education and is the historic foundation of Westminster College. However, the Westminster of today has taken leadership development to a whole new level with a variety of programs that deliver on its mission to develop leaders in a global community. With over 16% of our student body representing 68 different countries, we have created the kind of global campus community where students are ready to succeed in a world that has become increasingly global interdependent. In fact, Westminster is ranked in a tie for 5th place in the nation among liberal arts colleges for its percentage of international students.

Westminster students are not just trained in leadership skills because true leadership is more than simply what people know or do or an organizational position. At Westminster leadership becomes fundamentally who our students are as people. It becomes a way of life for them. Students are challenged to find connections during their academic journey both inside and outside the classroom that shape them into the thoughtful, poised, and principled leaders who will make a difference wherever they find themselves.

Bill Roedy at Westminster Colllege Science Students

Unique Programs


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