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Sustainability and Green Initiatives

Sustainability and Green Initiatives at Westminster College

Welcome to Westminster College's virtual green space, where we showcase our sustainability efforts and encourage ourselves to do even more for our environment. Taken together, our College's values-integrity, fairness, respect, and responsibility-challenge us to be stewards of our natural world, and therefore, sustainability is not just a good cause, it is an imperative. Sustainability is also a high aspiration, so we should constantly search for new ways to enhance our environment.

Our Westminster College community is doing a great deal to promote sustainability, although many of our significant efforts may not be obvious to the casual observer. Nevertheless, they are impactful. Check out the list of good things our Plant Operations staff has been doing for years to promote a sustainable community. Did you know Westminster has won honors from the EPA for our green efforts? Yes indeed.

Many students, faculty, and staff have been role models for environmental stewardship, and we are inspired by their commitment to live sustainably. Students led the effort to go trayless in the dining hall and create the bike sharing program on campus and set up the Efficiency Fund where students contribute $15 a semester in order for sustainable projects to be implemented. EcoHouse and ECoS have promoted environmental awareness on campus.

Under the leadership of the Green Council, we are focusing this year's efforts on the recycling program. Everyone can be a part of this cause; just pitch-in and encourage others to do so.

Let's keep up our determination to turn the Blue Jay Nation green: it's good for our community and it's the right thing to do for our world.
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