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Educated to Lead. Inspired to Achieve.

Why Westminster Is One of the Best

Students at Westminster College in Fulton, MO

High Career and Professional Placement
96% of Westminster graduates start their first job or enroll in graduate or professional schools within six months of graduation (based on 85% response rate).

First-Year Engagement 
Westminster first-year student scores are in the top 10% for quantitative reasoning, discussion with others, and supportive campus environment, according to the National Survey of Student Engagement.

Strong Dedication to Helping Students Obtain Financial Support 
We take pride in administering Missouri private school financial aid that allows our students to achieve their academic goals at an affordable rate.

High Retention Rate
83% of entering freshmen in 2014 returned for their sophomore year.

Engagement & Support
Students consistently report that the learning environment at Westminster College is highly engaging and supportive of their needs, typically ranking among the top 10% of institutions nationally.  Westminster’s 2014-2015 results from the National Survey of Student Engagement also found higher levels of participation in High Impact Practices that are tied to student success.

Graduation Rate Well Above National Average
More Westminster students stay focused on their education and take less time to complete their degrees when compared to the national average. 53% of first-time freshmen graduate in 48 months or less based on an average from students entering Westminster from Fall 2004 through Fall 2011. Within six years, 62% of an entering Westminster freshman class will graduate based on the most recent data available for students entering Westminster in the Fall 2009. Nationally, across all institutions, only 35% of students graduate within 48 months or less.

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