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All travel will be required to be pre-approved for all faculty and staff using the Faculty and Staff Travel Request and Approval Form (link must be opened in Internet Explorer to allow for printing).  This electronic form must be completed for all travel, and must be submitted at least two weeks prior to travel, in order to allow time for approval.  This form is based on travel estimates, must be submitted electronically as well as in hard copy with the appropriate signatures, and must go through the entire approval process and generate a purchase order, before any travel can be booked. 

Travel must be booked in accordance with our Expense Reimbursement Policy, as follows:

  • Use the most economical means of travel - lowest airfare in coach, lowest standard room rate for hotel stay should always be requested and economy vehicle rental. If you choose to travel first class, upgrade your hotel room or vehicle rental the College will not reimburse you the additional charges for the upgrades.  
  • For trips more than 120 miles round trip, fill out the Trip Optimizer form to determine whether a rental or personal vehicle should be used.  When the link opens, to download, click on the three dots in the top right part of the screen, which will display some options.  Chose “Download” and answer “Yes” to the question in the popup box, and then be sure to “Enable Editing” once the file is opened. Complete fields in cells C5 through C11.  (This form will also be available on the Staff tab of MyWC).  This form should be submitted with the reimbursement request.
  • If a vehicle was used on travel, please make note whether it was your personal vehicle or a rented vehicle.
  • If a personal vehicle is used, provide dates, starting point and destination as well as mileage for the trip.  Mileage will be reimbursed at Westminster College’s current mileage rate (which is often less than the IRS approved rate).  The Business Office will verify mileage.
  • If a vehicle is rented for the trip, Westminster College reimburses for fuel; fuel receipts must be attached to the reimbursement request.  See College Vehicle Policy.  Please click here to view information regarding Enterprise Rental, including the link to the online rental.
  • Tips for taxis and baggage handling tips should typically be at $1/bag.   
  • Only meals that qualify for the reimbursement as stated in Westminster College’s Allowable meals and food Expenses policy will be reimbursed.  Reminder:  Tips for allowable meals should be reasonable, appropriate and modest (no more than 15 – 20%).  Excessive tipping may not be reimbursed.
To receive reimbursement for travel expenses you must submit a Reimbursement Voucher for Faculty or Staff travel (link must be opened in Internet Explorer to allow for printing).  Keep in mind the following:
  • All original receipts must be attached
  • Receipts for meals must list the business purpose and individuals in attendance.  
  • Travel related to attend business conferences should include the following:
  • The portion of the conference agenda or other documentation for the conference showing the dates and the meals provided should be submitted with the travel expense report.
  • Meals will not be reimbursed if there is a conference meal provided.

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