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Total Rewards - Your Life and Benefits

Your Life

Vacation Benefits
All full-time employees are eligible for vacation benefits. The chart below describes the vacation accrual according to position and length of service. Employees can accrue up to 1 ½ times their annual amount.

Category Years of Consecutive Service Vacation Days Accrued Per Month Vacation Days Per Full Year
Non-exempt 0-4
15 and more
1 day
1 1/4 days
1 1/2 days
1 3/4 days
Exempt Any 1 3/4 days 21

Sick Leave Benefits
Sick leave accrues at one day per month for all full-time staff. There is a maximum accrual of 90 days. Employees may use two sick days during each fiscal year as personal days.

The following is a list of College holidays. Additional holidays may be scheduled because of the peculiarity of the calendar in any one year.

New Year's Day Good Friday
Martin Luther King Birthday Day before Thanksgiving
President's Birthday Thanksgiving Day
Memorial Day Day after Thanksgiving
Independence Day Christmas Day
Labor Day Christmas Eve Day
Friday of Spring Break New Year's Eve Day

Smoking Cessation Program
The Wellness Center offers a Smoking Cessation Program for all staff and faculty members. This free program includes a personalized quit plan and free nicotine relplacement products. Contact the Wellness Center at x5361

Fitness Classes
Fitness classes are free to all faculty and staff members. There is no need to sign up! All classes can accommodate every fitness level. Check the Campus Calendar for class schedules.

Bereavement Leave
Leave of up to five working days may be taken because of the death of the employee's spouse, children, parents, brothers, sisters, a family member dependent on the employee and living in the employee's household, or significant other. Leave of up to three working days may be taken because of the death of the employee's grandparents, grandchildren, children's spouses, as well as the employee's spouse's parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, and children not living in the employee's household.

Jury Duty
Employees may request pay for jury duty leave for the duration of jury duty service.

Witness Duty
Employees will be granted a maximum of one day paid time off to appear in court as a witness if subpoenaed by a party other than Westminster College.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Full-time employees and their immediate family members can choose to use this confidential, short-term counseling and referral service. There is no cost to employees and their immediate family members.  
The EAP provides offers counseling to people experiencing a variety of challenges and hardships.  

Educational Assistance
Full-time employees are eligible for education assistance following the six-month introductory period. Employees may enroll in one course per semester, tuition free. Spouses and dependent children of full-time employees, who have not as yet completed a baccalaureate degree, are eligible for tuition remission and may enroll in up to 19 credit hours per semester at no charge for tuition. Westminster is also a member of "The Tuition Exchange Program", which provides the opportunity for children of full-time employees who have not completed a baccalaureate degree to attend other institutions with no charge or little for tuition. Log on to www.CIC.org for specific participation colleges.
College Facilities and Events
College facilities and events are open to all employees and most often free of charge. This includes all athletic and recreational facilities, the Churchill Memorial and Library, the counseling center, cultural events, and college activities.

College Bookstore
The Bookstore offers a 10% discount to employees.

Library and Computer Services
The library is open to all staff members. Employees may use the computer labs in the Hazel Wing of the library. All employees may also open a personal computer account with the network administrator. The computer account can include a personal e-mail account and access to the Internet.

Computer Loan
The College makes available an interest free loan up to $2000 every other year for upgrading or purchasing computer hardware, software, and supplies to all full-time employees. Full-time employees are eligible for this benefit following the six-month introductory period and will repay the loan on a monthly basis through payroll deduction.

Security Services
Night walk escort service is offered to all employees seven days a week from 6pm to 6am and serves the entire campus (phone: 592-5555).

Parking is free to all faculty and staff. Parking is typically available within close proximity of all college buildings. Employees must display a Westminster College parking permit on their vehicle.


Hospitalization and Major Medical Insurance The College provides group health insurance for all full-time employees at a minimal cost to each employee. Group hospitalization and major medical insurance are available for dependents. The cost of any employee or dependent coverage will be deducted from the paycheck of the individual employee. Health insurance benefits begin the first day of the month following the first day of employment.

Westminster College offers two voluntary dental plans through Delta Dental. These two plans can offer you basic dental coverage (Low Plan) or expanded coverage (High Plan).

Westminster offers a voluntary vision plan. EyeMed offers members a vision plan with great savings and selection on eyewear, and great choice in doctors who offer the personalized care you deserve.

All full-time employees have the option to participate in the retirement plan.

Life Insurance
Full-time employees are covered by group life insurance. The value of group life insurance is 2.5% of your annual salary of the employee rounded up to the nearest thousand, and with a cap of $50,000. This benefit is provided at no cost to the employee and begins the first day of the month following the first day of employment.

Disability Insurance
Long-term disability insurance is provided to all full-time employees. The insurance is 66 2/3% of the employee's monthly pay if totally disabled and unable to work, not to exceed $5000 per month. If approved by the insurer, compensation begins 90 days after the disability has occurred. and may continue until the employee reaches age 65, based on your age on the day your period of disability started. This benefit is provided at no cost to the employee.

Other Voluntary Insurance Benefit Plans - Aflac
The College provides employees the opportunity to participate on a voluntary basis in many different insurance benefit plans: Cancer, Dental, Accident, Critical Care, and Short-Term Disability. The employee will pay for the cost of these plans if they choose to participate.

Flexible Spending Accounts (Cafeteria Plan)
The College provides a program of flexible spending accounts for all full-time employees to use pretax payroll dollars for qualified dependent health insurance premiums, unreimbursed medical and dental expenses, dependent care expenses for child care and/or adult care, dental insurance premiums (for our voluntary dental plan), cancer insurance premiums (for our voluntary cancer insurance plan), hospital protection premiums (for our voluntary hospital protection insurance plan), and personal accident insurance premiums (for our voluntary personal accident insurance plan).

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