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Refunds of Fees Due to Withdrawal from Westminster College
Withdrawals from Westminster College must be initiated by the student with the Dean of Student Life. The official date of withdrawal will be the date the student notifies the institution of the withdrawal in writing. Failure to attend class does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Upon withdrawal from the college, tuition will be refunded according to the following schedule:
(miscellaneous fess are non-refundable)

Fall/Spring Semester Refund Policy
Days Refund
First day of classes 100% refund
Class Days 2 through 3 75% refund
Class Days 4 through 5 50% refund
Class Days 6 through 7 25% refund
Class Days 8 and beyond No refund

Summer Session Refund Policy
Days Refund
Prior to First day of class 100% refund
Class Days 1 through 5 All tuition except $250.00 per course
Class days 6 and beyound No Refund

Refunds Due to Financial Aid or Other Overpayment
Refunds will be issued once all financial aid is posted to student accounts. Financial aid is typically posted to student accounts after the seventh day of class. Note: financial aid will not be estimated and refunded prior to posting. Refunds are issued by check. Refund checks are typically ready for pickup after 1PM on Fridays. Student refund checks will be held at the Business Office for pick up until the following Friday morning. Checks not picked up will be mailed to the home address on file.

If you prefer that we mail your check instead of holding it in the Business Office you will need to complete a Credit Balance Form each academic year.

Credit balances resulting from Parent Plus loans will be refunded to the borrower and mailed to the borrower's address unless instructed otherwise in writing by the parent.

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