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Jane Kenney-Hunt

Jane Kenney-Hunt

Associate Professor of Biology
 CSC 222
  • Biology and Environmental Science


Courses Taught
  • Biodiversity (majors' introductory organismal biology) - BIO 124/125
  • Bioprocesses (majors' introductory molecular biology/genetics) - BIO 114/115
  • Genetics (with lab) - BIO 301
  • Vertebrate Biology (with lab) - BIO 322
  • Developmental Biology (with lab) - BIO 372
  • Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar - HON 150
  • Westminster Seminar - WSM 101
Research Interests
  • Quantitative genetics of skeletal traits
  • Gene-by-environment interactions
  • Sex, diet, and genetic effects on bone biomechanical traits


Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri
B.S. Alma College, Alma, Michigan


Dr. Kenney-Hunt has co-authored over 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals, many with undergraduates. See the complete list here. Before coming to Westminster College, Dr. Kenney-Hunt performed postdoctoral research at Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis and the University of South Carolina.

Selected publications

  • Kenney-Hunt, J., 2015. The complex relationship between nature and nurture. In Re-Vision: A New Look at the Relationship between Science and Religion, C. Cain, ed. University Press of America.
  • Pasricha, S., J. Kenney-Hunt, K. Anderson, N. Jafari, R.A. Hall, F. Lammert, J. Cheverud, and R.M. Green. 2015. Identification of eQTLs for hepatic Xpb1s and Socs3 gene expression in mice fed a high-fat, high caloric diet. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 5: 487-96
  • Kenney-Hunt, J., A. Lewandowski, T.C. Glenn, J.L. Glenn, O.V. Tsyusko, R.J. O'Neill, J. Brown, C.M. Ramsdell, Q. Nguyen, T. Phan, K.R. Shorter, M.J. Dewey, G. Szalai, P.B. Vrana, M.R. Felder. 2014. A genetic map of Peromyscus with chromosomal assignment of linkage groups (a Peromyscus genetics map). Mammalian Genome 25: 160-179
  • Minkina, O., J.M. Cheverud, G. Fawcett, C.F. Semenkovich, and J.P. Kenney-Hunt. 2012. Quantitative trait loci affecting liver fat content in mice. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 2: 1019-25.
  • Carson, E.A., J.P. Kenney-Hunt, M. Pavlicev, K.A. Bouckaert, A.J. Chinn, M.J. Silva, and J.M. Cheverud. 2012. Weak genetic relationship between trabecular bone morphology and obesity in mice. Bone 51:46-53.
  • Kenney-Hunt, JP, and JM Cheverud. 2009. Differential dominance of pleiotropic loci for mouse skeletal traits. Evolution 63:1845-1851.
  • Kenney-Hunt, J.P., B. Wang, E.A. Norgard, G. Fawcett, D. Falk, L.S. Pletscher, J.P. Jarvis, C. Roseman, J.B. Wolf, and J.M. Cheverud. 2008. Pleiotropic patterns of quantitative trait loci for seventy murine skeletal traits. Genetics 178:2275-2288.
  • Wagner, G.P., J.P. Kenney-Hunt, M. Pavlicev, J.R. Peck, D. Waxman, and J.M. Cheverud. 2008. Pleiotropic scaling of gene effects and the "cost of complexity." Nature 452:470-473.
  • Kenney-Hunt, J.P., T.T. Vaughn, L.S. Pletscher, A. Peripato, E. Routman, K. Cothran, D. Durand, E.A. Norgard, C. Perel, and J.M. Cheverud. 2006. Quantitative trait loci for body size components in mice. Mammalian Genome 17:526-537.

Selected student research projects

Warncke, K., M. Guo, M. Henry, D. Alleyne, and J. Kenney-Hunt. Quantitative genetics of skeletal traits in BXD recombinant inbred strain mice. Genetics Society of America, The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC), Orlando, Florida, July 2016. Poster.

Kling, J. Eclosion site preference in species of 13-year periodic cicadas. Undergraduate Scholars Forum, Westminster College, April 2012 & 2013. Poster.

Alleyne, D. Quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis of limb traits in mice. Undergraduate Scholars Forum, Westminster College, April 2013. Poster.

Personal information

When not at work, Dr. Kenney-Hunt can frequently be found enjoying campus athletic and arts events or relaxing with her husband and two cats.

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