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Jeremy Straughn

Jeremy Straughn

Associate Professor Transnational Studies Dir St Abroad Off C
 CI 202
 (573) 592-5258
  • Off-Campus/International Programs and Churchill Institute for Global Engagement


Jeremy Brooke Straughn is a sociologist with teaching and research interests in politics, culture, transnationalism, memory, narrative, religion, political economy, and social change. He has published peer-reviewed articles in journals like Sociological Forum, Sociology of Religion, Theory & Society, and the American Journal of Sociology and is currently writing a book on narrative and memory in the former East Germany. Straughn took a bachelor's degree in German at Brown University before earning a masters at Harvard Divinity School and an MA and Ph.D. at the University of Chicago. He has previously taught at the University of Michigan, Purdue University, Columbia College-Jefferson City, and the University of Chicago. At Westminster, Straughn was the inaugural Research Fellow at the Churchill Institute for Global Engagement (CIGE) from 2011 to 2015 and has directed the Office of Study Abroad & Off-Campus Programs in the CIGE since 2012. 

Previously Taught:
  • Global Inequality
  • Global Memory
  • Introductory Sociology
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Political Economy
  • Political Sociology
  • Revolutions
  • Social Change
  • Sociological Theory
  • Sociology of Nationalism
  • Statistics (as TA)
  • Transnational Studies
  • German

Selected Publications (*peer reviewed):

Straughn, J.B. 2016. "Wo ‘der Osten’ liegt. Umrisse und Ambivalenzen eines verschwundenen und verschwindenden Landes." Pp. 195-223 in S. Matthäus and D. Kubiak (eds.), Der Osten: Neue sozialwissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf einen komplexen Gegenstand jenseits von Verurteilung und Verklärung (Wiesbaden: Springer).

*Fein, L.C., and J.B. Straughn. 2014. "How citizenship matters: narratives of stateless and citizenship choice in Estonia." Citizenship Studies 18 6-7: 690-706.

*Straughn, J.B., and A.L. Andriot. 2011. "Education, Civic Patriotism, and Democratic Citizenship: Unpacking the Education Effect on Political Involvement." Sociological Forum 26 3: 556-580.

*Straughn, J.B., and S.L. Feld. 2010. "America as a 'Christian Nation'? Understanding Religious Boundaries of National Identity." Sociology of Religion 71 3:280-306.

*Straughn, J.B. 2009. "Culture, Memory, and Structural Change: Explaining Support for 'Socialism' in a Post-Socialist Society." Theory & Society 38 5: 485-525.

*Straughn, J.B. 2007. "Historical Events and the Fragmentation of Memory in the Former East Germany." Journal of Political and Military Sociology 35:103-123.

*Straughn, J.B. 2005. "'Taking the State at Its Word': The Arts of Consentful Contention in the German Democratic Republic." American Journal of Sociology 110 6 (May): 1598-1650. Recipient, 2006 Clifford Geertz Award for Best Article in the Sociology of Culture.

*Warber, S.L., D. Cornelio, J.B. Straughn, G. Kile. 2004. "Biofield Energy Healing from the Inside." Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 10 6:1107-13.

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