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The following provides helpful information regarding the communication of closure of the College due to inclement weather.

Once a decision to close has been made, the President (or his designee) will make arrangements for an announcement to be made to the whole community via email, the campus website, and when possible or relevant, via local radio and television stations.

Typically, the Office of College Relations and the Office of Computer Services will assist in the implementation of these announcements The Academic Affairs webpage will indicate how individuals can secure information on the cancellation of all or particular classes (Class Cancellations)

Students should check the MYWC class cancellation notice board (https://mywc.westminster-mo.edu/ICS/Cancellations/ )" for the most current class cancellations list.

The President will work with the Office of College Relations to contact the local media with any announcement related to the closing of the College. The list of local broadcast media outlets is included below.

Local Broadcast Media Outlets

  • Television
    • NBC-8, Channel 8
    • KRCG-TV, Channel 13
    • ABC-17, Channel 17
  • Radio - Columbia
    • KBIA-FM
    • KCLR-FM
    • Y107-FM
    • KCMQ-FM
    • KLSC-FM
    • KTGR-AM
    • KFRU-FM
    • KPLA-FM
    • KBXR-FM
    • KOQL-FM
  • Radio - Fulton
    • KFAL-AM
    • KKCA-FM
  • Radio - Jefferson City
    • KJLU-FM
    • KLIK-AM
    • KJMO-FM
    • KWOS-AM
  • Radio - other cities
    • KXEO-AM, KWWR-FM, Mexico
    • KREL-AM, California
    • KTKS-FM, Versailles
    • KRMS-AM(FM), Osage Beach
    • KWRT-AM, Boonville
    • KMFC-FM, Centralia
    • KJAB-FM, Mexico
    • KMCR-FM, Montgomery City
    • KZZT-FM, Moberly
    • KDRO-AM, KPOW-FM, Sedalia
    • KSDL-FM, KSIS-AM, and KXKX, Sedalia
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