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Weapons Policy

A safe and secure environment is fundamental in fulfilling the mission and vision of Westminster College. In our commitment to maintaining an environment free of violence or serious harm, we have established the following weapons policy which protects the campus community, while supporting students who are in pursuit of lawful weapons purposes, such as hunting or club activities. In order to maintain this privilege and right to store weapons on campus, Westminster College and its members will abide by this policy and all Missouri and Federal statutes pertaining to weapons regulations. Inability or unwillingness to abide by the weapons policy will result in this privilege being revoked, or more severe action.

All weapons in the possession of currently enrolled students are to be turned in to Campus Security immediately upon being brought to campus. The Weapons Storage/Release Form will be completed at this time. This form will be kept on file with Campus Security. All weapons includes firearms in the possession of students permitted by this or any other government to carry concealed weapons. Concealed handguns are strictly prohibited. Weapons found on campus in places other than Campus Security's storage safe will be turned in to the police and the possessor of the weapon will be subject to disciplinary action as described in the "Firearms, Weapons, Fireworks, & Explosives" section of the Student Handbook.

Weapons Clarification

Any item whose exclusive use is to do harm (including bows and arrows, sling shots, tazers, num-chucks, etc.) will be considered a weapon

All firearms will be considered weapons

Items listed in the "Firearms, Weapons, Fireworks, & Explosives" section of the Student Handbook will be considered weapons Chemical self-defense sprays will not be considered weapons.

Any item/weapon not specified in this policy that may or may not qualify as a weapon must be approved by the Director of Campus Security before it can be brought to campus.

The following are prohibited by Missouri law and are forbidden on campus or to be in the possession of anyone on campus:

Any explosive (weapon or component meant to trigger a weapon or cause destruction)

A machine gun

A gas gun (Any gas ejection device that is designed or adapted for the purpose of ejecting any poison gas that will cause death or serious physical injury)

A short barreled rifle or shotgun

A firearm silencer

A switchblade knife

A bullet or projectile which explodes or detonates upon impact because of an independent explosive charge after having been shot from a firearm


Weapons Storage

Campus Security must be contacted (573-592-5555 from a cell phone or 5555 from a campus phone) immediately when a weapon, as defined above, is brought to campus for the first time or when it is being returned after having been checked out

Weapons can be checked into storage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The student will meet Campus Security with the weapon(s)/ammunition and a current student I.D. card.

Trigger locks must be on all firearms.

All firearms must be presented to the on duty Campus Security officer in an unloaded condition.

The Weapons Storage/Release Form is to be filled out by the student at the time of storage.

Campus Security will photocopy the student's I.D. card and file with the completed Weapons Storage/Release Form as a part of the permanent record.

A photocopy of the Weapons Storage/Release Form will be given to the student for his/her records.

The weapon/ammunition will be tagged with the student's name, description, and serial number if applicable, then stored in a locked safe on campus.

Unclaimed weapons left in storage after the student has checked out of housing will be turned into the police.

Weapons Release

A 24 hour notice must be given to Campus Security before a weapon can be checked out.

Weapons cannot be checked out between the hours of 8PM and 5AM without special permission from Campus Security, following the 24 hour notice.

Campus Security reserves the right to contact Counseling and Health to verify there are no underlying issues which would prohibit the release of the weapon to the requesting student.

Once the weapon (unloaded and with the trigger lock still in place in the case of firearms) is released the student must leave campus immediately.

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