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Environmental Health and Safety

The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Department at Westminster College contributes to the mission of the college by providing an environment which enhances the freedom to learn, to experience, and to develop without hindrance growth toward significance and service.

A safe environment on campus includes the prevention of, preparedness for, and protocol in case of fire, severe weather, natural disaster, nuclear accident, violence and chemical release.

A healthful environment on campus includes timely attention to and awareness of public health concerns; indoor air quality; mold testing and remediation; waste handling compliance; facility inspections and maintenance; green cleaning products.

The EHS Department will address concerns about your immediate environment as well as concerns about the college's effect on the world environment and devise an appropriate course of action for improvement.

Questions, concerns or suggestions can be directed to Westminster College's EHS Manager Colleen Donnelly at 573-592-5351 or wcsafety@westminster-mo.edu. Other contacts are Plant Operations Department 573-592-5282 or Campus Security at 573-592-5555.

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