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List of Student Organizations

Explore the list of Westminster's current clubs and organizations to see if we have a club that interests you. 

Clubs and Organizations

African Union Organization
The African Union Organization is a body of students that aims to introduce and promote African culture to the Westminster community, to engage in activities that will strengthen the intellectual and social objectives of its members, and to provide awareness and resources about the African continent. The group hosts events such as the African Formal, Africa Week, futsal tournaments, and more.

Alliance is a campus organization that aims to spread awareness about the presence and issues concerning the LGBTTQQ+ community in the world we live in. The group hosts events that are fun and informative in order to further develop our wonderful Westminster Community.

Anime Club
The Westminster Anime Club is a place where all anime enthusiasts can enjoy the genre together. Whether you are an anime veteran or just trying out the genre, the knowledgeable (some would say embarrassingly enthusiastic) members of this club welcome all who are interested with open arms. The club meets three hours every week to watch a wide variety of anime. This club also provides a community rich in conversation and fun, whether it be playfully mocking certain series to hyping up shows that others have not seen before.

Black Student Union
Black Student Union is a group on campus the helps promote and celebrate black excellence from the past, present, and the future through diversity dialogues, coffeehouses, educational presentations, and much more.

Blue Blazers Investment Committee
The mission of Blue Blazers Investment Committee is to encourage intellectual growth and educate undergraduates about the investment vehicles used to analyze the capital markets. The education will be based on creating, managing, and evaluating an investment portfolio through research, hands-on investing, and evaluation of individual investments within specified boundaries.

Blue Crew
Blue Crew is an organization that promotes spirit at athletic events and through separate events sponsored by the group throughout the year.

Blue Diamonds Dance Team
Blue Diamonds Dance Team is a group of dancers that get together twice a week to practice and work on their dancing skills. The team performs at football games, basketball games, and other events throughout the school year. Jazz, hip hop, and pom dancing are favorites of the group, but they love trying new things and exploring different styles of dance as well.

Blue Jay Buddies
Members of Blue Jay Buddies tutor elementary-age children (3rd - 5th grade) at two of the local elementary schools (Bush and McIntire Elementary) here in Fulton. Members choose one day a week (Tuesday - Thursday) and help the kids with their homework or reading skills.

Callaway Community Toastmasters
Toastmasters International is the leading movement devoted to making effective oral communication a worldwide reality. Through its member clubs, Toastmasters International helps men and women learn the arts of speaking, listening, and thinking—vital skills that promote self-actualization, enhance leadership potential, foster human understanding, and contribute to the betterment of mankind. It is basic to this mission that Toastmasters International continually expand its worldwide network of member clubs, thereby offering ever-greater numbers of people the opportunity to benefit from its program.

Chemistry Club
Chemistry Club is a group that helps students to help develop an understanding and appreciation for any STEM subject through either theoretical or practical application.

College Republicans
Westminster College Republicans is a club for discussing conservative values and current events. The group also plans events such as speaking panels, debates, lectures, and campus-wide meetings focused on conservative values.

Coloring Club
Coloring is a new craze of the twenty-first century. The main goal of the Blue Jays Coloring Club is to provide a calm and relaxing area where students can come to chill and color away their college stress. Coloring can help to manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem. Just like meditation, coloring allows people to switch off our brains and focus only on the moment. Another goal of the club is to host different healthy and colorful events on and off campus.

Environmentally Concerned Students (ECoS)
The Environmentally Concerned Students (ECoS) are a group of students on campus that share similar values when it comes to sustainability and the preservation of Earth for future generations. This group focuses on spreading awareness of sustainable practices and lifestyles as well as the human impact on the environment. ECoS also works on providing activities and educational programs to Westminster to help students move toward a more sustainable future.

Education Association
The Westminster College Education Association is a student-run organization that focuses on the growth of Education majors at Westminster College. The group strives to promote the growth of our education majors as well as providing support for our future educators. As an organization, it is their mission to promote and instill the collaborative mentality teaching is centered around. It is also a goal to get future teachers involved, to include education minor and curriculum studies students who may have an interest in education or teaching within another major, and broadening what it means to “educate.”

History Club
History Club provides a forum for students interested in history and members of the history department at Westminster College to discuss topics of general historical interest, attend and help host or promote special activities on and off campus relating to history, and work to bring important speakers to Westminster who have done research in the historical field of study.

International Club
Westminster International Club is a group that encourages students to create an environment where there is a unity in diversity. It is a safe platform for students to create various events to educate students about the world through their personal experiences.

Literature Club
Literature Club strives to spread literature to the Westminster community. The group also serves as a space for writers to share their work and receive feedback on their writing.

Nutrition and Fitness Association
The Nutrition and Fitness Association aims to educate college students about nutritional topics and the importance of nutrition in overall health and wellness. Their mission is to encourage students, faculty, and staff to pursue healthier lives through understanding the basics of nutrition and its benefits in health and academic performance. The association also aims to incorporate students in the field of nutrition, exercise science, and physical education to educate students about the benefits of exercise in overall health, not only by promoting exercise through educational meetings but also by helping them with physical activity advice.

Peer Health Educators
Peer Health Educators is a student-led organization that focuses on the health and wellness of students on campus. The group is comprised of student leaders who are focused on HEALTH: "Helping Educate About Life Through Heath." It is their goal to promote healthy and safe lifestyle decisions through peer-to-peer interaction and campus events. Some areas of health and wellness they address on campus include mental health, drug and alcohol use, nutrition, exercise, and more.

Performing Arts Club
Performing Arts are a part of everything in our lives. Netflix involves acting, music involves singing and instrumental music, and some of our favorite competition shows involve dancing. The Performing Arts Club invites everyone who enjoys these and all other performing arts to come explore and celebrate all arts as they look to share them with the campus. The group mainly explores the arts found in the realm of theater, but welcome and look forward to discussing all art forms.

Pre-Healthcare Professionals Association
It is the mission of the Pre Healthcare Professionals to unite, inform, and encourage students of Westminster College with interests in advancing their education in the medical sector. The purpose of Pre Healthcare Professionals is to work cooperatively to prepare and inform students of admittance requirements to graduate and medical programs, to open networking channels between current and past Westminster students, physicians, and practices, to present speakers from a variety of medical related disciplines to explain their path to success, and to provide opportunities to visit graduate schools within the area.

Remley Women’s Advocates
It is the mission of the Remley Women's Advocates of Westminster College to educate the campus on gender issues, with particular emphasis on women, by providing space, programming, and vital resources to all members of the Westminster community. Moreover, the Remley Women’s Advocates will provide support services and information for members of the campus community affected by gender-based inequalities, intolerance, and sexual assault and violence.

Service Corps
It is the mission of the Service Corps to organize and encourage Westminster students to participate and collaborate with the surrounding community. Service Corps helps coordinate with all the blood drives hosted on campus.

Snapbassadors serves to educate the Westminster student body on the uses of marketing, raising awareness, and directly communicating with the student body through Snapchat in the most interpersonal way possible. Their goal is to aid as many clubs, organizations, and campus events as possible through the process of raising awareness and promoting various activities to the student body through Snapchat.

Table Top Gaming Club
Table Top Gaming Club is a fun and friendly environment to play table top games on campus. The group is designed to facilitate positive relations between individuals through the organization of fair and enjoyable play while providing a space to host discussions on the design, purpose, and history of games.

Trivia Club
Trivia Club is an organization made up of students who enjoy displaying their knowledge of various subjects in a competitive atmosphere. During their meetings, two teams compete against each other in a quiz bowl setting. They meet once a week, and go to competitions to compete against colleges or universities in the area. Students with experience on an academic team or quiz bowl in high school are highly encouraged to attend.

Campus Publications

A literary magazine

Journal for Global Progress

The Columns
Westminster's campus newspaper

Student Boards

Honor Commission

Upholding the College's honor system

Student Ambassadors
A group of students who represent the College at various events and serve as liaisons between alumni and campus

Skulls of Seven
Prestigious group dedicated to upholding the College's long-standing traditions

Student-Athletic Advisory Committee
Promoting athletics on campus

Student Foundation
Helping coordinate recruitment activities for prospective students and giving campus tours

Student Judiciary Board
Ensuring that campus rules and regulations are properly adjudicated

Greek Governance Councils

Interfraternity Council
Governing body of the five national fraternities represented on campus

Panhellenic Association
Governing body of the three national sororities represented on campus

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