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Publicity Committee

Description: Members of the Publicity Chair Committee will work together to come up with creative new ways to advertise Westminster Campus Activities as well as designing posters and banners.

Lexi Lopez
Publicity Chair

Community Relations Committee 

Description: The community relations chair of the campus activities board focuses on promoting positive interactions between westminster students and the Fulton community. The community relations committee is responsible for helping run community events sponsored by Westminster SGA as well as interacting with the Fulton community. Events include: community carnival, Westminster/william woods trivia nights, and the halloween trick or treat. Committee members would be required to attend weekly meetings during my office hours. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at:

Victoria Freeman
Community Relations Chair

Meeting time: TBD

Lectures and Diversity Education Committee

Description: The Lectures and Diversity Committee seeks to provide the Westminster Community with programs that enrich its academic environment through an intellectually diverse program that stimulates thought and engagement. The committee also seeks programs that address the diversity of religions, backgrounds, nationalities, sexual orientation, races, and the many other types of diversity present in our community. In order to satisfy the needs and wants of most of the Community, the committee also reaches to other clubs and organizations with the intention of helping them bring their own programs to campus. Duties include publicity, choosing the speakers, set-up before an event, and clean-up afterwards.

Mason Evers
Lectures & Diversity Chair

Meeting time: TBD




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