Cultural Anthropology (SCA115)

Internet Assignments

Wadsworth (the publisher) has a website specificially devoted to their textbook  Humanity .  It offers links to some of the same sites listed here, and some others.  In addition there is the ability to enter an online forum about anthropology and they even have a kind of flashcard quiz system for the key terminology in the text.  Check it out.


Need to check the syllabus ?


Keep abreast of current events with Anthropology in the News.



What is Anthropology?

”Cultural Relativism and Universal Rights” - go to site and then click on Publications and then click on Featured Articles and finally click on the actual article title. Its in the 1998 listings and was written by Carolyn Fleuhr-Lobban.  You might also enjoy looking around the "Cultural Survival" website.

What is Culture?

 What is Culture?  At this website you should click on and read the sections "A Baseline Definition of Culture" and the short discussions by Clifford Geertz and John Bodley.


This excellent website will give you a better idea of the process of fieldwork.  Follow the links and read all the sections especially those on planning and methods..
The Anthropologist in the Field


Subsistence Strategies

   Start with “Hunting and Gathering as a Lifeway”.  Then look at Jared Diamond’s article "The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race."


Read Richard Lee’s "Lesson in Cross Cultural Understanding."  Then try Malinowski’s  Primitive Economics of the Trobriand Islanders


Marriage and Family

Work through the sections on the peasant village, lineage organization, marriage, and domestic organization in a Turkish Village. 


Compare the sections on lineage organization marriage, and kinship terminologies among the Yanomamo with the information about the patrilineal descent organization and marriage of the ancient Hebrews.


Read:   Live Chat on Sinai Bedouin Women   Then read about gender trends in America at "With More Equity, More Sweat.'



Read "Economics of a Big Man" and the brief article "Political Anthropology".

Social Stratification

Read:  How the Pie is Sliced: America's Growing Concentration of Wealth .  Then read Elder’s discussion of  caste in India.



Read Michael Harner’s experience with shamanism, and then read the brief article on Voodoo.  Is it what you thought it was?  Are the media portrayals of this religion accurate?



Read Mexican-American Folk Illnesses and Practices.  Then study the article on a Sharp Rise in Eating Disorders in Fiji Follows Arrival of TV.  Skim the article on Paleolithic Nutrition..


Read John McCall’s  "Rites of Passage in Ohafia.".  Think about how the differences in child rearing practices might change the personalities of the people.



Check out the article on  "Social Change".  This is a little tough going but worth the effort.


Work through the tutorial on  Ethnicity and Race


Tribal Survival

go to the Cultural Survival site and then click on Publications and then click on Featured Articles and finally click on the actual article title-Cultural Survival, Ethics and Political Expediency: the Anthropology of Group Rights by David Maybury-Lewis


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