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List of Colleges and Universities that have Closed, Merged, or Changed their Names
The intent of this exercise is to offer a place that individuals can consult to see if an institution is now closed or if the name has been changed due to a merger or for other reasons.  Some institutions may’ve been “colleges in name only”…for this list, if the institution referred to itself as a college or university, it was included.  
Separate files are linked below for each of the states and the District of Columbia.  I also included a link for international institutions and look forward to any contributions or suggestions from those with knowledge of institutions outside the United States.
The lists are maintained as a hobby and I appreciate any updates, corrections, links to additional information, or suggestions to improve the usefulness of the list(s). 
Feel free to E-mail to Ray Brown.
There is a blog at with links to other resources, a Facebook group at, or follow on Pinterest at  Thanks to all who have joined in the effort!!
Alabama Illinois Nebraska South Carolina
Alaska Indiana  Nevada South Dakota
Arizona Iowa New Hampshire Tennessee
Arkansas Kansas New Jersey Texas
California Kentucky New Mexico Utah
Colorado Louisiana New York Vermont
Connecticut Maine North Carolina Virginia
Delaware Massachusetts North Dakota Washington
District of Columbia Maryland Ohio West Virginia
Florida Michigan Oklahoma Wisconsin
Georgia Minnesota Oregon  Wyoming
Hawai'i Mississippi Pennsylvania  
Idaho Missouri Rhode Island  International